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Yes, my Grace. by nocturnenebula Yes, my Grace. by nocturnenebula
Hebishitsuji is just a fun little story I made in my head, haha. It means "Snake" (Hebi {蛇}) "Butler" (Shitsuji {執事}). They're fan characters of Kuroshitsuji. ouo

Dorothy Winchester, the young Marchioness.
She is the new heir to the Winchester estate, being the first woman to ever hold the title of Marchioness without marriage. Considered her father's precious doll, but is a cold, sharp-tongued, hot-tempered young woman that harbours the secret of the Winchester family; they are served and protected by a demon in exchange for their and their enemy's souls.

It was revealed to her about her butler being a demon at the peak of her father's death in his bed.

((If Dorothy were to meet Ciel, she would beat his head in because she views him as puny.))

Walter Boulstridge, the Butler.
Age unknown, appears 20-27.

As part of the Winchester tradition, every new heir receives a different butler as the father passes away. However, two things that are a mystery to the other servants of the Winchester manor; it is unknown why every new butler has the same exact name yet completely unrelated appearance, and when the retired butlers leave, they simply vanish without a trace. It is simply unannounced of their retirement, as if they never existed, and as soon as the new butler arrives, it's as if nothing happened.

The newest Walter Boulstridge has an unsettling air around him even with a calm, kind smile almost at all times. It is said that every new butler seems to compliment their master's personality, and unfortunately, Dorothy's isn't all that pleasant. Most of the other servants find him a little unusual for being so, as described, almost feminine.

In reality, this is true. Walter Boulstridge is a woman.

((If Walter were to meet Sebastian, they would not get along at. all. She'd tease him I guess.))

I've realised lately most of my submissions are people wearing dresses whether they like it or not. :giggle:

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November 15, 2010
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