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Velkum tzuze Vastelundens. by nocturnenebula Velkum tzuze Vastelundens. by nocturnenebula
"Welcome to the Wastelands" is what he's saying.

Kleptomania: The uncontrollable inhibition to take material possessions from another person.

Yes, he suffers from it, and sadly, he's not exactly villain material. He just likes shiny stuff and colours. Xazier is one of the only fan OCs of mine who has gone through the most rigorous and painful changes. He went from this darkie, emotastic sob boy to now this tard-happy cockatiel thief. I believe tard happy would be more befitting.

Xazier was just a simple traveller, and was questing for an ailment against his kleptomania. When he came to Haven City, he was caught stealing a few times, but bribed his way out until he tried to steal a pillar from the Mar Memorial Stadium [and would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling Krimzon Guards. ] The fun part was that they couldn't even keep him in the prison long enough because he kept hiding all the soap and stealing the KG's armor. He also tried to disassemble the Dark Eco machine but that's not really relevant. So, the KG finally gave up, smuggled him in a bag and b1rd-bombed him somewhere in the Wastelands.

Knowing a bit about survival, he lasted until knocking himself unconscious drinking cactus juice. Some hunters from Spargus found him sprawled across the desert and sympathised with him enough to take him into town and get him certified which almost failed horribly because of his guilty habit.

The king decided to put his flaw to good use by making him a scouter for artifacts or missions involving raiding the Marauders' homes to take back what belongs to the Wastelanders. Even though his speech is horribly flawed, he seems to understand their language well.

The necklace he wears is actually his house's symbol, a phoenix. The green 'thing' hanging on the left side of him is a water jug. The tattoos on his shoulders are 'T's, which stand for 'thief', because apparently back home they tattooed your crimes on your body.

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August 27, 2010
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