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Halloween Couple by nocturnenebula Halloween Couple by nocturnenebula
Just some Halloween OCs ~
Ichabod the Headless Horseman and Sverra the Witch.

Sverra isn't a very good witch, she has (somewhat) good intentions but makes a great many of mistakes in her magic; she majored in potion making, but lacks the provincial skills for spell comprehension with artifacts. The reason why Ichabod has a pumpkin head is one of them...

Sverra found Ichabod as a wandering headless ghoul haunting a church graveyard. One of Sverra's duties as witch were to help put his soul to rest by finding his head. She made a pact with Ichabod via communicating with his horse to help him be put to rest, and so they journeyed to the place that he had died in hopes of finding a fragment of his head. She was planning to use something less solid as his surrogate head, unfortunately though, the magic crystal she was using fell out of her grasp and into a pumpkin.

The spell also backfired, and his soul was trapped into the pumpkin, which in turn can reanimate dead creatures, or control living creatures. Although upset with her, and constantly berating her misuse of spells, they grew to like each other (here comes the sap, so you don't have to read any further) and he eventually came to loving her. He doesn't tell her that he doesn't want her to find his head, and sometimes he will lead her off-track or distract her because he's too embarrassed to admit his feelings. /sap

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October 30, 2011
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